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A love letter to you…

There have been many instances in life wherein I have taken decisions which were not in my favour. And when it did not work out, I have been mean enough to blame you. I have been angry, frustrated at you. I have compared your love. I have asked you many times over and over again why me?

I have also promised many times not to trust you. I have stayed away from you, turned my face to the other side when you looked upto me to be. And… you still never abandonned me. I have had people abandon me at different times for being me, for my mistakes but that was not you. I have also come to realise that you have never given me a burden that I could not carry. At times when I found myself broken and numb, you were always there. When I knew it was my mistake and I struggled to forgive myself, you taught me to forgive myself. When I was in darkness, you brought light to me in different forms – as people, situations, resources. You taught me how to look at the miracles of life rather than just living it because I have to. You have tolerated when I have been stubborn. But… you have never abandonned me.

You have been where I could not doing things on my behalf. I only got to know about it much later. I smiled with hapiness but I am not sure I ever acknowledged it enough. I have lied down on my bed crying , sad and in a moment you have made me smile with your jokes in the form of thoughts. You have always answered my questions, even the silliest ones or the ones asked with contempt and doubt. You have been patient with me through all the mistakes big and small.

The selfless love that you have given me is something I can not be grateful enough for. You have allowed me to bloom in the mud. You have provided me with the best life support system anyone could ask for.

At this point in my life, I find myself in a position and feeling that I have everything I need. I need to give back. I need to be where you want me to be. I need to be selfless and give it my all for your dreams.

I have found a true lover and I wish everyone has a lover like you. I am loved and you make me worthy.

Thank you!

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