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My pursuit of “you”

Today as I sit down with my extra hot cup of cofee, I am in solitude. I cherish it today because today, it is about you and me. You in the centre of everything. My squirrel mind thinks of everything but you and I am not proud about that. As I surrender to “you” calm my mind so I can focus on my purpose clearly. Fill me up with peace so I can talk to you through my spirit. Make me fearless so I do not think of anything but “you”.

My partner and I often have discussions about you and humble ourselves to your presence. I know you carve our way forward. I know everything works out for me. Even though at a particular moment in time, I think it is the worst thing to happen in my life – being human, you do not make me wait for a long time to show me how it was the best thing that could have happened.

By this time in life, I have no doubts about your power and presence. All I seek at this point in life is to give back. I have taken enough. You have given me enough without asking anything out of me. My request to you as I have this conversation is now that you have given me a clear vision on my purpose, give me a clear way to fulfil it. I know you will not give me any burden that I cannot carry and you will not leave me alone friend, but lead me to my path. And.. maybe you are, slowly preparing me for your task but me being human, cannot see it and I am getting impatient.

I will keep seeking and I know the ways will show up. I will also keep my patience and most of all, I will be grateful for every breath knowing that I have a purpose.

You are the centre of everything, even this wonderful hot cup of coffee that I just finished. The words just flowed out of my heart and you make it happen.

Thank you.

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